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 Mountain Bliss Day Spa 

Naturalpath Alex Sacco

BioMeridian Testing provides a completely painless, non-invasive method for gaining valuable information about the function and balance of body systems. The BioMeridian system is an instrument which combines Eastern Medicine with the best in Western technology.

The system is connected to a computer which contains a data base of around eighty thousand remedies including heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, and testing for food allergies. The body is scanned to determine an individual’s sensitivities or allergens - the stress-causing agents. Alleviating these sensitivities restores balance and homeostasis to the body, strengthening any weakened meridians areas within the body.

So, what is a meridian? Simply put, a meridian is an 'energy highway' in the human body. Each meridian corresponds to a major organ or organ system. The BioMeridian System measures the electrical activity of the meridian points on the fingers. The speed at which the electricity travels through the meridian is an indication of how well the specific organs and organ systems are functioning. In this way, a BioMeridian assessment is similar to an EKG (heart scan) or EEG (brain scan).

By using this advanced hardware and sophisticated software, each measurement is stored, then analysed utilizing the comprehensive database which then allows for a wide range of options to maximise balance and homeostasis for supreme health.

Who would benefit by this type of testing? Anyone interested in examining and improving the vitality and health of their bodies. This is not simply an effective tool for those with illness, it applies to anyone who would like to optimize their current state of health and possibly prevent future negative health issues.

Session Includes 250 ml Tonic $133, Bookings Please call Oreion on 042218361

For More Information Please contact Alex on 0433141960