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"The Gift" of The Wise Women 10ml



"The Gift" Of The Wise Women

Blend of DoTERRA essential Oils. Clary Sage essential oil supports Women, to Balance during PMS and supports menopausal symptoms. Clary Sage helps one to still the mind so we can connect to our inner being. Geranium essential oil brings protection, dispels negativity balances the Female & Male energies. There is something amazing how we get triggered by scent, we can be anywhere in the world and smell something that triggers you back to a profound moment in ones life, that brings that moment straight to the forefront as if you where right back in that moment. The Gift helps one to connect to what they wish to transform into, along with the sacred codes that work on a cellular level to transform the old to make room for the new, manifesting an overall balancing. Juniper berry assist with dark unknown aspects of the self, encouraging one to open to learn the deeper parts of self that are hidden, experiencing wholeness once again. Myrrh brings spiritual awareness and is used for anointment of higher intelligence connecting one to the higher mind and soul. Ylang Ylang helps one to connect and balance through mastering their sexuality. To truly master ones self we need to master through the sacredness of our sexuality. Connecting to the god - goddess within, allowing a balancing of the both, to open to the sacredness and femininity of the goddess, harmonising the sacred Feminine with The sacred Masculine. Ylang Ylang works with the throat and heart chakras, helping one to open to the truth within and speaking directly from your own inner truths, instils insights and clear visions. Wild Orange brings joy and freedom, uplifting one to play as a child. Also Embedded in the Gift Of Wise Women sacred oil is the codes of white fire, divine feminine, the divine eternal heart of the cosmic Mother. Unique divine sparks of light birthed from the heart of creatrix. The Wise Women is a sacred journey of the divine feminine.

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