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"The Gift" Of Forgiveness Cosmic Oil 10ml


When One can let go of the past: forgive another and themselves, only then can One fully embrace Joy and connect to Love. Love is the most powerful energy in existence, without it we are just empty. I have created a blend of doTERRA essential Oils with embedded Light Codes to transform the old patterns in order to embrace the Radiant Love within.

The Cosmic Oil of Forgiveness has a blend of Frankincense that instils peace and overall wellness, also connects one to the higher mind an opening of the spiritual mind.

Vetiver enhances spiritual stability.

Hawaiian Sandalwood which enhances spirituality and opens the third eye.

Lavender brings on an overall calming effect, allowing One to surrender and heal, manifesting Higher Consciousness and Purification.

Marjoram helps with loss and grieving, helping One to accept and let go, restoring warmth in your Heart once again.

Roman Chamomile helps to shift through depression.

Bergamot works with both calming and uplifting, Bergamot can dissipate anxious feelings while simultaneously providing cleansing and purifying benefits.

This amazing blend with the Cosmic Light Codes of Forgiveness & Acceptance will help One truly let go and align with Love.

Each Cosmic Oil has specific Light Codes that support each Blend, that when placed onto the skin, the cells of your Being read the imprint, which manifest and transform one's being into the higher aspects, bringing forth the Cosmic Codes that are embedded in each Oil, helping One to manifest the desired outcome of "The Gift".

With each Oil, you will be sent a ritual that will align your Being to your highest intention. "The Gift" is designed to help Beings truly shift through the lower aspects and align to the higher Codes, manifesting your highest potential

“The Gift of Forgiveness” - Ritual.

 How to use “The Gift”: - Place “The Gift” to your Heart chakra, left hand first, with right hand over the top of your left hand. Connect to your Soul and Spirit within. Ask to be connected to the Codes of Forgiveness that are aligned to your highest truth and path at this time and that you are now ready receive all that is aligned to what your Soul wishes for you to release now. Listen to whatever comes through for you. Surrender all that no longer serves you. Connect to the deepest part of your Heart, asking to let go of all life's hurts now, and replace them with the Divine Love of the Living Light.

 Then trust in your Own Intuition, place the Oil onto the Charkha that you feel needs healing; this can change daily, and ask that all your cells be imprinted with the Codes. Then repeat three times, I Am Forgiveness. I forgive myself and others. I choose the Love of the Living Light to replace the energy that no longer serves me.

Give gratitude to Mother Earth for the healing journey you have now activated, extend the gratitude to the Plants and Crystal Kingdom for sharing their powerful healing with you.

 Also place on your wrist, neck, as perfume throughout your day.

 Start your day with this ritual.

 Once you have finished the bottle, create your own Ceremony of Gratitude by placing the Crystal back into Mother Earth, blessing the Earth with love and gratitude for the support and healing of your Being.

"The Gift of Forgiveness" works on all levels from the Cellular to the Etheric of your Being. It also includes the discipline of taking responsibility for your own healing to experience True Forgiveness. The Codes are aligned with the essential organic aromatherapy oils that work to anchor the Codes, working on balancing and transforming the lower dense energies, helping to shift what no longer serves you.

The perfume of the Oils create smell recognition, so throughout the day, each time you smell the Oils of “The Gift”; you are instantly triggered and reminded of Forgiveness.

 Consciousness and Energy creates Reality.

Whatever you focus upon, you become. It takes 21 days to transform an old pattern by directing your thoughts each day.

It takes 30 days of focusing your thoughts each day to create what it is you wish to manifest into your life.

Self-doubt will stop the manifestation, this is why so many people just keep spiralling downward or running around in circles; they give up. This type of energy keeps them locked into the old self-denial patterns of living so that they can never break free.

 Take a step today in your own healing journey with “The Gift” that is full of love and support of the Earth, and the Cosmos.

Along with the Codes and Healing properties that “The Gift” holds, if you focus on Forgiveness within your Being each day, transformation is inevitable.

“The Gift” is a tool designed to work with you, to transform you into the Being of Light you truly are!

 You will receive a copy of the Gift ritual with your cosmic oil purchase.

?(highly concentrated use as many times a day you feel guided to, around?250 applications per 10 ml bottle).

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