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Mountain Bliss Day Spa 

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Come join us for an evening of magic under the full moon, with Adrian Davis - Spirit Sound Dreaming, as he shares the sacred medicine of the 7 chakra tuned crystal singing bowl ceremony. Aligning your being to the magic of your soul, as he sweeps you away deeply with the sounds of flute, bowls and didgeridoo, grounding and supporting your next stage of your journey.

Katera will be channeling a sacred DNA light activation to all present, awakening the hidden treasure that’s within each being that you are now ready to embody. Come join us under the stars with the powerful full moon. It’s a time to embrace your true beauty!

All who wish, can experience a sacred facial ritual of the Alpha & Omega Range in celebration of the divine we all truly are. Please bring something to lay on, a blanket and pillow, so you can relax and take in the splendor of what this night will bring to each and every one present.

A maximum of 12 people.

Gift of love for this sacred evening $33


All Gift Vouchers "The Gift" 10 ml Cosmic Oil Australia Omega Anti-Ageing Women's Beauty Range Alpha Anti- Ageing Mens Range Spirit Sound Healing Circle
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